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11 Best Goldendoodle Grooming Tips! (2021)

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, knowing these Goldendoodle grooming tips could help make things more efficient for you. Grooming might seem like an intimidating task at first but it'll become more natural the more you do it. It takes time and patience. If you're a Goldendoodle owner or you're planning to own one, this list of Goldendoodle grooming tips will help ease the process!

Goldendoodle Grooming Tips

  1. When your Goldendoodle puppy comes home with you for the first time, don't focus on grooming immediately. It's recommended that Goldendoodle owners wait until their companion is at least 6 months old because their coats and hair aren't ready to be groomed.

  2. When your Goldendoodle is still a puppy, you should train your companion with commands and teach it good behaviors. It's easier to teach Goldendoodles or any dogs in general at a young age because they haven't developed any habits yet. Training them at a young age will help make the grooming process less difficult.

  3. The majority of Goldendoodles have curly coats, which means you should invest in the proper tools for grooming. It's recommended that you invest in a slicker brush, dog shampoo, scissors, de-shedder, comb, and clippers. Related: Recommended Brush For Your Goldendoodle

  4. By the time your Goldendoodle companion reaches 6 months old, you should create a set schedule to groom them regularly.

  5. If grooming your Goldendoodle is becoming easier, you should still bring your companion to a professional dog groomer at least once every 6 weeks. The price for having your Goldendoodle professional groom is usually less than $100 per session.

  6. During grooming, try to keep an eye out for tangles. You can use a dog comb and brush tangles. You want to brush away the mats and tangles because they could harm your Goldendoodle's skin.

  7. If you notice any extra hair around your Goldendoodle's eyes, ears, toes, paws, etc. - try to trim it only if it's necessary.

  8. When trimming your Goldendoodle's hair with scissors, try to keep your scissors parallel to your companion's body to prevent any unnecessary harm.

  9. It's recommended that you take a bath for your Goldendoodle once every 4 to 6 weeks. When you're cleaning and bathing your Goldendoodle, don't use human shampoo because it could irritate the skin. Invest in dog shampoo for the betterment and health of your companion.

  10. You shouldn't bathe your Goldendoodle too often. It might seem like a good thing but it's not. When you bathe your Goldendoodle too often, it could reduce the natural oil on its skin.

  11. During Grooming, you should check all around your Goldendoodle's body. Try and be observant. If you notice any irregularities or something is wrong, immediately schedule an appointment with the veterinarian before things become worse.

Remember - during the grooming process, stay as observant as possible. You should check your Goldendoodle for any potential signs of skin infections. If you don't check with a veterinarian, these small infections could lead to bigger problems in the future. When you first groom your Goldendoodle, it could be difficult for you because your companion isn't used to it yet. One of the reasons why training your Goldendoodle puppy at a young age is so important is because you're teaching it how to behave, which makes grooming less difficult for you. If you wait until your Goldendoodle becomes a fully-grown adult, it'll be much more stressful and time-consuming because of its developed behaviors.

Goldendoodle Grooming Tools

Before your Goldendoodle reaches 6 months of age, try to invest in grooming tools. There are several necessary tools you can find either online or at pet stores. When you're shopping, keep an eye out for these essential tools for your Goldendoodle:

  • Slicker Brush: With a slicker brush, you could help remove any mats, knots, and tangles on your Goldendoodles. This Goldendoodle grooming tool is important because mats, knots, and tangles could irritate. Even if most Goldendoodles are curly-coated, a slicker brush works for wavy coats and other types of coats as well.

  • Dog Shampoo: Another necessary item for your Goldendoodle before/after grooming is having dog shampoo. There are cases of people using human shampoo but it's not recommended. If you use human shampoo on your Goldendoodle, it could irritate their skin and cause damage over time.

  • Scissors: Investing in scissors is also important for your Goldendoodle. Throughout your Goldendoodle's body, there is hair in certain places that'll make it uncomfortable for your companion.

  • Comb: With a comb, you can brush your Goldendoodle's hair to remove mats and tangles. Not to mention, you'll keep your Goldendoodle companion looking nice and clean by brushing them regularly.

  • Clippers: Like humans, dogs grow nails too. If you hear your Goldendoodle's nails tapping against the ground floor, then that means your companion's nails are too long. By investing in dog clippers, you'll be able to trim your Goldendoodle's nails making it more comfortable walking/running.

Conclusion For The Best Goldendoodle Grooming Tips

Grooming your Goldendoodle at first seems difficult but over time, you'll improve. Owners of Goldendoodles are content with this breed because of their temperaments. After all, Goldendoodles are good dogs. The amount of joy and happiness for raising a Goldendoodle will outweigh the amount of work you have to put in. While it's recommended that you groom your companion regularly, you should bring your Goldendoodle to a professional groomer at least once every 6 weeks. You never know - they could work on certain grooming things that you've missed in the past. For most locations, the cost is generally under $100 per session. You need to set grooming appointments beforehand.

By brushing your Goldendoodle and trimming their nails with clippers, your companion will live a more comfortable life. If you recently brought home a Goldendoodle from us or another breeder, then congratulations! You're entering a new chapter in life with your Goldendoodle that you'll cherish forever.

If you haven’t adopted a companion yet because you’re here to learn about grooming tips, check out our available Goldendoodle puppies!

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As a salon owner and groomer I highly suggest that doodle owners begin brushing their doodle well before they are 6 months old. The dog must become familiar with brushing and handling of their paws. In addition, depending the the texture of the coat by 6 months old it could become very matted if not regularly brushed and groomed. Grooming does not necessarily mean cutting the coat, it means brushing as well.


Good to know. Oh, love those tousled cute crowns!

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