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for our Premium English Mini Goldendoodles

We used to sell puppies right when they were ready to go home, as some of you remember the good 'ol days. Due to increased travel complications, we have to take deposits earlier. However, we have a lot of puppies coming this year and your wait time should be minimal.


Please email me, April Power, at if you'd like an estimate on current wait time. After filling out the application (which indicates that you want to place a $500 deposit to be on the Master Waitlist) we will reach out to you within 2 business days, to make sure our puppies are a good fit for your family. If not, we will promptly refund your deposit. However, this deposit is non-refundable after we chat, if you change your mind and decide not to get a puppy from us later.

The deposit will go towards the total adoption fee and be good for up to 18 months. The final balance is due at 6 weeks old. When new puppies spots become available, we contact families on the Master Waitlist in the order they placed their deposits. Families will have 2 choices at this time. 1) Choose a puppy from the available litter or 2) Stay on the Waitlist for a future litter.  Families who choose to continue waiting on the Master Wait List do not lose their rank on the list. We will ask that you choose a gender when you commit to a litter.

If the available puppy is not a perfect fit for your family, we will place you back on the Master Waitlist. Our puppy buyers are very particular, so we want to honor that and help you find an exact match.

Deposits can be transferred as many times as you would like and still hold your spot on the waitlist up to 18 months.  After that, you surrender your deposit on the Master Waitlist. To reactivate your application you can place another non-refundable $500 deposit, and we will honor your original deposit date.

English Mini Goldendoodle Master Waitlist Application
Please notify me of the following preferences when they become available:

*The application Fee is $500.

Fees are processed through Square.

Woof! Thank you for Applying!


Because I don’t know whether the people who have deposits sent in before you will pass or take a puppy from a litter until they are born, it’s impossible to know “WHEN” you’ll get a pup. What I CAN say is:

1. It’s not unusual to go through 15 people when placing so you could be #16 on a list and still be offered a puppy.

2. We have litters often. There is generally plenty of selection and the wait is not usually more than 3 months. This can depend on you as well and how much of a preference you have.