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Are Mini Goldendoodles Easy to Potty Train? (2021)

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Our puppies are already potty trained to a certain area. That is a great head-start in potty training. But did you know that every dog will re-train when entering a new home or space?

Dogs Adapting To New Space

Seasoned well-advanced older dogs will surprisingly give you a present when they are adapting to a new space. That's because they don't look at spaces the same way you do. They see a NEW space, that's all. Whether it's inside or outside. They know that in their space at home, they are suppose to go outside to potty, but a new house is fair game.

Retraining Older Dogs

Now, older dogs re-train very easily, listening to you explain that no, you still go outside here. But puppies will take a longer time. They need to learn your language to communicate and they need to learn the new space. And the new space is BIG to them. Keep this in mind when potty training. They are learning a lot of new things.

Are Mini Goldendoodles Easy To Potty Train

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