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mini english teddybear goldendoodle puppies california

Upcoming F1 English Mini Goldendoodle Litters

Located in Boise, Idaho

We update our website every Friday.

Price $3450

All our girl puppies are 25 lbs. full grown

Boy puppies are 30 lbs. full grown

All our puppies are apricot colored

F1 English Mini Goldendoodles

We can deliver your puppy to you.

Polar and Waldo

7 boys and 3 girls

2 boy spots open.

Pickout day July 17th.

Firm Go-home dates July 29th- Aug 5th

Poppy and Zipper

2 boy and 2 girl spots open.

Estimated Go-home Sept. 11th.

Aspen and Teddy

Estimated Go-home Sept. 30th

2 boys and 2 girl spots open.

Daisy and Zipper

2 boys 1 girl spot open.

Estimated Go-home Oct. 5th.

We average 8-10 litters a year. You will receive an email announcing new litters when we open the litter. We do not take commitments to litters until they are bred. 

Recent Litters (have gone home)

Oakley and Teddy

Willow and Zipper

Harlow and Teddy

Poppy and Waldo

Everest and Waldo

Daisy and Zipper

Aspen and Teddy

Polar and Zipper

Quinn and Rizzo

Everest and Waldo

Ellie and Banjo


  • A TWO year health guarantee

  • Lifetime Support

  • Started on potty training

  • Early Neurological Stimulation Program/Puppy Culture

  • Microchip

  • Licensed Vet Check

  • Temperament testing

  • Mother's Scent Blanket and Toy

  • 30 day Trupanion Pet Insurance Policy Trial

  • Vaccinated and Dewormed

  • Health Records

  • Spay/Neuter Contract

  • Photos or videos as they grow

mini english teddybear f1 goldendoodle pupppies

What are English F1 Mini Goldendoodles?

English F1 Mini Goldendoodles are a specific type of Goldendoodle, a crossbreed between an English Golden Retriever and a Mini Poodle. The "English"part of the name refers to the English Golden Retriever, which is known for its stockier build, blocky head, and white coat color compared to the American Golden Retriever. The "F1" indicates that it is a first-generation crossbreed, meaning one parent is a purebred English Golden Retriever and the other is a purebred Poodle. Here are the key characteristics of English F1 Goldendoodles:

Physical Characteristics

  1. Coat:

    • The coat is wavy, not curly, often inheriting the Poodle's hypoallergenic qualities, which makes them shed 90-100% less than a purebred Golden Retriever.

    • Coat colors typically include shades of apricot. Even with a dark red male poodle, the offspring will not be dark red because of the English mother. If they are bred to different colored poodles, they can be other solid colors with small patches of white. Parti dogs are impossible with the F1 generations genetically.

  2. Size:

    • With a 10 lb. mini poodle father, F1 English Mini Goldendoodles are typically 25-30 lbs. With larger males, you will get larger offspring. Watch out for hybrid vigor. Doodle offspring are always bigger than both parents normal offspring would be. 

    • Typical height is 15-20 inches tall. 

  3. Build:

    • English F1 Goldendoodles often have a stockier build and a broader head compared to their American counterparts, reflecting the traits of the English Golden Retriever.


  1. Friendly and Sociable:

    • Known for their friendly and outgoing nature, they are usually very sociable and get along well with children, other dogs, and even strangers.

  2. Intelligent:

    • Poodles are 2nd smartest dog in the world. English Golden Retrievers however are not highly intelligent. They have been bred for show and don't have hunting instincts. The F1 English Mini Goldendoodles mix is perfect. Trainable but not hyper.

  3. Affectionate:

    • F1 English Mini Goldendoodles tend to be very affectionate and enjoy being around their family members, making them excellent companion dogs.

  4. Are F1 English Mini Goldendoodles Energetic?

    • F1 English Mini Goldendoodles are not overly energetic. Their English Golden Retriever parents are lazy so a step up in temperament is a good thing. But they are not energetic.


  1. Hybrid Vigor:

    • As a first-generation crossbreed, F1 Goldendoodles benefit from hybrid vigor, which make them healthier and more resilient to certain genetic diseases compared to their purebred parents.

  2. Common Health Issues:

    • They can still be prone to health issues common to Golden Retrievers and Poodles like ear infections, and certain genetic conditions. We health test to eliminate shared genetic diseases. Good-sourced dog food, limited medications, and vaccines are important to longevity.


  1. Regular Maintenance:

    • Minimal grooming is needed to prevent matting and to keep them clean because they are wavy. This includes brushing several times a week and periodic professional grooming.

  2. Low Shedding:

    • 90% of our buyers report no shedding, 10% report 10% shedding.


  • English F1 Goldendoodles typically have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, depending on their overall health and care.

These characteristics make English F1 Goldendoodles a popular choice for families and individuals looking for a friendly, intelligent, and a 90% plus non-shedding dog.

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