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Welcome to the Giving Puppy Page

Our giving puppies have donated over $200,000 to children's charities. 

We took advantage of the Covid Puppy craze and created a charity program.

A couple of our puppies went for over $21,500!

All proceeds including our portion went to a 501c3 of our choice, to help children. Our portion of the current price was paid to us, and then donated to the 501c3 so we could write it off. Others donated their portion above the current price directly to the organization of our choice and received a write-off.


*Disclaimer: We did not allow any puppies to go to the highest bidder without thoroughly vetting them. We are very good at interviewing for potential homes and good fits. We would not allow a family to get this puppy if it is not a good fit. Most people that apply for our puppies are great homes, but we will do our due diligence to make sure it is a great home for a puppy. 

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