Welcome to the Giving Puppy Page! Bid below now. Bids close on July 12th at noon.

To see Red Girl's description and videos of her growing, her estimated size etc. please visit here:

This is the first time we are hosting a Giving Puppy Silent Auction, please bear with us and write us below if you see there is an unanswered question on this page.

Red Girl from Sky's litter is a puppy with a middle temperament that fits most lifestyles.

All proceeds including our portion will go to a 501c3 to help underprivileged children. Our portion of 3850 will be paid to us, and then donated to the 501c3 so we can write it off. You are welcome to pass the money through us to donate your portion (above the 3850) to receive a write-off receipt.

If you have applied for Sky's litter or anyone else's, you do not need to fill out another application for Red Girl. This is so we can review your lifestyle and contact you.

Before bidding, if you have never filled out a puppy application with us please fill out an application click here.

We will open the bidding at 3850 for the puppy. We will contact the highest bidder and do a phone interview. If it is a good fit, we will place the puppy. If for some reason it is not a good fit, we will go to the next highest bidder and so on. We will try to keep this page up to date to communicate with you.

Bids will be silent, so we will not tell who or how high the highest bidder has gone. We did not find a good solution to have a live auction without it being open to sabotage this time around. You may however bid multiple times, but you will not know what the highest bid is. 

*Disclaimer: We will not just hand this puppy over to the highest bidder without thoroughly vetting them. We are very good at interviewing for potential homes and good fits. We would not allow a family to get this puppy if it is not a good fit. Most people that apply for our puppies are great homes, but we will do our due diligence to make sure it is a great home for a puppy. This is written for our skeptics, not our buyers.

Bid here!
Please bid higher than 3850.