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Goldendoodle Puppy Health Guarantee

We offer an extensive 2 Year Health Guarantee.


We assure you that your puppy is healthy and free from life-threatening defects, hip displaysia and eye disease. We stand behind our extensive guarantee because we health test our parent dogs and carefully select breeding pairs.


Things we want you to know:

#1We have a strict spay/neuter contract due at 1 year of age.



#2We require Paw Tree Dog food brand for our Health Guarantee because nutrition is the #1 attributor to health issues and we care deeply about our puppies thriving. We feed Paw Tree holistic food, and care for our puppies with the best protocols available. We simply ask you to continue our high quality track record, and the quality we have personally observed in our puppies. This is a  no recall food. We have allowed other top brand dog foods, such as Blue Buffalo and Taste of the Wild to ensure good quality, but they continue to be recalled and cause puppy deaths. This food is an online company only. Order below.



#3Among breeders, Banfield has a very bad reputation of upselling products to puppy buyers and over diagnosing dogs and puppies with problems to put them on medications. Banfield/Mars/PetSmart/CampBowWow is the largest canine pharmaceutical corporation in the world and so their vet techs and vets are asked to sell you a certain quota of products or drugs at each visit.

We suggest you find a local independent vet that will have your best interests as a priority, not a product or drug.

We are trying to protect our puppies from early deaths caused by overdiagnosis and unnecessary drug use. Therefore, we happily guarantee our puppies if you refrain from using Banfield Vets.

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