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Why We Breed F1's

We are No Longer Breeding our F1b Generation after 10 Years


Why do we hear so much about F1b puppies in articles? Did you know that 90% of mini Goldendoodle breeders are producing F1b puppies? That is because they do not know how to produce an F1 Mini Goldendoodle. We have processes with high success rates in producing F1 Mini English Goldendoodles but they are rare because of the complicated process and costs. Articles written by these breeders may slant the facts to favor their sales.

We have decided after 10 years of breeding both F1 and F1b English Teddybear Mini Goldendoodle puppies to only breed the F1 Generation. There are many advantages to the first-generation cross. The biggest question we get about F1's is shedding. We have produced an average of 15 litters a year for 10 years, averaging 8 puppies per litter equalling about 1200 puppies. After reviewing feedback, we have found that about 90% of our F1 puppies do not shed at all if groomed regularly. The other 10% report minimal shedding. In most cases, we have also found that people with severe allergies also have reactions to f1b puppies because even poodles shed some, have dander and saliva that affects severe allergy sufferers. We have concluded that our F1 mini Goldendoodle puppies are suitable for most households and over time, our F1 buyers are more satisfied with their choice.

Genetic Strength- Hybrid Vigor

The advantages of F1 crosses are that they are the first generation cross genetically. English Cream Golden Retrievers and Mini Poodles have a very diversified gene pool. There are only 2 known diseases that both breeds carry. However, when you cross a poodle gene back into the mix when you breed the f1b, they have two sets of poodle genes, and therefore all of the diseases that poodles carry enter back into the gene pool. The diseases they do both carry, we test for and make sure the genes are not passed on. 

We have observed the incredible hybrid vigor the puppies have, even at birth in the F1 cross. They are stronger, latch easier, thrive better, and develop quicker.


Our F1 English Teddybear Mini Goldendoodles are bred carefully and the mothers and fathers are selected carefully for their health testing, temperament, and body structure (conformation). They are beautiful, straight, boxy, and healthy. They are so pretty, as you can see in our gallery. They have a wavy, fleecy coat that is easy to groom as they age. F1b puppies are curly and cute, but as they age, their coats begin to coil and often have to be kept short to avoid mats without daily grooming. They loose their Goldendoodle look because the hair coils around their face and often begin to look like a 100% poodle. Their bodies are lankier and longer, like poodles and sometimes the only difference you can see in them and a full poodle is that their tail is long and has some longer hair on it. F1 Mini Goldendoodles on the other hand, have the classic look of a mustache on their faces and can be groomed longer to be kept to look like a Goldendoodle their whole lives. Their tails flow in the wind and forever have a beautiful classic look. They also do not require constant grooming to avoid mats, and their coats do not hold every burr and grass that they run into. Their hair will release extra grass and burrs so that your walks and adventures are enjoyable. 


A wonderful benefit of the English F1 Mini Goldendoodle is the personality. Having the 50% English Golden Retriever personality is priceless. The poodles are athletic, 2nd most intelligent dog in the world, and independent in nature. The English Cream Golden Retriever is calm, mellow, a people pleaser, and not very ambitious. The blend is the most perfect blend ever! They compliment each other perfectly. 

Your Own Research

Many current articles written on Mini Goldendoodles will advise you to choose an F1b generation if you have allergies. I am guessing that some reports have included breeders that do not coat test their poodles. If they do not, they can end up with buckets of shedding and not know where it is coming from. In our case, we know what we are doing and what we produce. You are welcome to read our reviews and contact past buyers. Instagram, facebook and google reviews are good sources for your own research to explore. We always suggest that you do find out if you can tolerate F1 Goldendoodles by babysitting one, meeting some at dog parks, or walking dogs on platforms such as Rover. 

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