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Goldendoodle Nutrition

Life's Abundance

We use Life's Abundance dog food. We have found it to be superior to all other foods for our breeding females and puppies. If you do decide to order this dog food, please choose us as your field rep- Power Puppies, LLC or ORDER HERE.

Remember that your dog will eat less on this food and poo less as well. (Major benefit to whoever cleans it up.) Life's Abundance contains NO hormones/steroids, NO by-products, NO corn, wheat, NO soy, NO artificial colors/flavors, NO chemical preservatives. Feeding this healthy food will help give your pet a long and healthy life! And if that isn't enough, it costs LESS per serving than other premium dog foods & will be shipped right to your door! We love it and more importantly, our DOGS all love it!  

There has NEVER been a recall of this holistic food and it is produced in limited runs on a weekly basis, minimizing periods of storage and helping to deliver the freshest-possible product.  While leading brands stockpile tons of food for months on end,  Life's Abundance is made weekly in small batches.

Watch this video as this dog food compares to others:

Buyer Beware

There are current recalls on highly advertised brands such as Blue Buffalo and Taste of the Wild. Among breeders, we see countless problems with Blue Buffalo almost weekly! I would never feed it to my dogs. There have been some new advertised organic and raw brands arising lately. Use caution with these. They are new to the market and could be improperly balanced. We recommend keeping a good carb in a puppy's diet for a year. We've seen some puppies on common formulas that were undernourished. Trends come and go, but reading labels, protein percentages and fat percentages are important. If you don't have time for constantly keeping up on recalls and trends, order Life's Abundance.

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