Goldendoodle Puppy Delivery

        Please be aware, Travel Outside our Region May Exceed $500

*We do not allow car rides for trips that could be done in a plane in a shorter amount of time. i.e. to Seattle, California, Portland. We will consider a car ride if your location would require layovers that would take longer than a car ride. i.e. parts of Oregon. We are glad to sell puppies to families that live within the US. We are not equipped to sell puppies to anyone outside the US, including Canada.

All of our nannies are friends of ours, not 3rd parties. They fly in-cabin with the puppy under their seat (sometimes on their lap, if the flight attendants allow) and are professional and trustworthy. Cost is all-inclusive.

Our Goldendoodle Puppy Nanny $500

Payment is due when ticket is booked.

We offer In-Cabin flight with a Puppy Nanny from our program if we cannot hand-deliver your puppy. These are people we know and trust and are a current part of our program. Often they are our Guardian Homes.

Flights are often much less stressful on puppies over long car rides. Their little immune systems do best when they are transferred from our home to yours the quickest way possible. A one hour flight over a long car ride is much preferred. 

You Fly Puppy in-Cabin

Pay For Your Own Ticket

Most of our families are able to book a ticket to Boise and fly their puppy in their laps in the cabin home with them. It can be a wonderful, bonding experience. Puppies love sleeping on laps when a plane engine is going. 


Book a round-trip ticket to Boise same day. You will need a 3 hour turnaround. We recommend that you come into Boise in the morning and leave 3 hours later. 

Uber to our home 12 miles and 21 minutes from the Boise airport. Pick up your puppy from us ready for flight. 

When you are leaving Boise with your puppy, you will add the puppy to your ticket at the counter for an extra $100-150- it's easy, and we can help you.



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