Puppy Prep

If your puppy is going home in 4 weeks or less:

Here's what to do now:

1) Make a vet appointment

2) Buy Life's Abundance puppy food

3) Arrange transport 

4) Pay in full if you're not picking up in person or don't want to use cash

5) Buy crates, toys and hair tools

6) Look over Trupanion link for pet insurance and remember we offer a code 

7) Hire a trainer.


1)Our health warranty is validated by a vet appointment by your vet within 48 hours from when puppy goes home to you. Sometimes vets have a wait time to schedule well visits. This is because you need to know that your puppy is well on your end. We've done a licensed vet check and deemed the puppy well. Our puppies are always up to date on vaccines and wormings.


2)We feed your puppy Life's Abundance dog food. If they are minis or mediums, we have them on Small/Medium Breed Puppy. If they are mediums or standards, they are eating Large Breed Puppy. Life's Abundance is a holistic breeder quality food that has never been recalled.  See the link below in the footer of this website on the left and order through that link. Shipping takes longer than most big companies, so please order ahead of time. There is a calculator for how much food you need to order. Minis usually are around 5-7 lbs when they go home and Standards 8-10 lbs. for calculation. Autoship allows you to get a discount.


3)Please confirm with us if your puppy is flying, being car transported or picking up in person.


4) FINAL PAYMENT: We accept cash only in person unless your payment has cleared. We accept PayPal, Venmo or checks in the mail if they have time to clear, cards with a 3% fee, or bank deposits to a Banner Bank near you (Power Puppies LLC account). 


5)We have an Amazon affiliate store. https://www.powergoldens.com/amazon We do suggest that you limit your exposure to pet stores and places that people can bring their dogs into, or have rescue puppies for adoption. There are much higher levels of parvo exposure in these areas and your puppy will not be immune until about 14 weeks old.



6) Trupanion pet insurance has the best value as discussed among breeders. I do not get anything for promoting this company. https://www.powergoldens.com/trupanion



7) We have found that trainers are not needed long. If you are at all nervous about training your puppy, it's worth a short time of training for long-term benefits.