How Does COVID-19 Affect Mini Goldendoodles and its Owners?

Updated: Feb 21

1. Goldendoodles do not know anything is going on. We know this for sure. We have lots of dogs and they are not affected by this pandemic. They may be more sensitive to humans that are feeling ill, but they are not affected by it or transmitters of the disease. However, we know that they can track and transfer the parvovirus, so we use natural sanitizers like colloidal silver gel to wipe paws and noses.

2. Goldendoodles can help us think about other things. We've found that our attention has been on rising cases of the virus, washing our hands and going nowhere. The dogs are still having a great time and pull us right into the moment. We love that. It's been very good to have.

3. Goldendoodles are ultra-intelligent like their parents the Poodles. They are ultra-sensitive like their parents the Golden Retrievers. Both these traits are great for a time like this. You can take your mind off of the time by training them because they are smart. You also can spend some endless snuggle time because they are lovers.

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