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How The COVID-19 Pandemic Started The Puppy Craze!

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Higher than normal interests in puppies due to being at home and experiencing stress has created the largest demand for puppies ever recorded. We’ve experienced a 400% increase in our mini goldendoodle inquiries in the last 2 months. We predict that this will settle down as people get back to normal life but not until then. Once buyers make up their mind to shop for a dog, they often dedicate to extensive research and choose their top breeders. We are doing everything we can to give our buyers resources and predict wait times. The best thing to do is to know the breed, wait for a good breeder and avoid puppy scams. Don’t compromise on a different breed or quality. we suggest it will be worth the wait.

How The COVID-19 Pandemic Started The Puppy Craze

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