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Wonderful Covid Mini Goldendoodles! (2021)

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Has there ever been a more perfect dog breed? There's many reasons why the mini goldendoodle could possibly be the most perfect dog breed of all time for family fun. Dog breed genetics are getting weaker, especially lately since gene pools have shrunk due to large kennel closures. Diversity is bottlenecked in breeds and even more when the breeds narrow. Golden Retrievers have high cancer rates and a high percentage die young. Poodles have their own set of diseases and narrow gene pools. Diversifying lines is an excellent solution to the current problem.

Hybrid Vigor

Hybrid Vigor is produced when you mix diverse lines. It produces offspring that are stronger than both parents. I refer to the "Rock" Dwayne Johnson when talking about Hybrid Vigor. He's Samoan and African, diverse genetic lines, mixed together first generation. We see the differences in the puppies of hybrid dogs. They are stronger, eat better, grow better and thrive better. The rest is history.

Wonderful Covid Mini Goldendoodles

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Great information and makes sense.

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