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Do mini goldendodles make good therapy dogs?

Our English F1 Mini Goldendoodle is a very calm goldendoodle. Sometimes you hear reports that goldendoodles have high energy. But think about it for a minute. How many golden retrievers have you met that are high energy? Some are and some are not. Our English Goldendoodles imported from Champion Lines in Europe are VERY mellow with a low temperament and a pleasing attitude. They are not ambitous or high energy at all. We are very careful in our standard UKC lines and will only purchase or breed English Golden Retrievers that have the standard traits. The show standard is very calm and mellow. With these parent dogs, we guarantee that we have the calmest goldendoodles available to anyone. They are such good therapy dogs because of this. They are empathetic and patient.

mini goldendoodle california

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