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Angus and  April  Power

About Power Goldendoodles

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We are located in beautiful Boise, Idaho.


Angus and I grew up with many animals.  Angus grew up in Pennsylvania on a 100-acre horse farm. I grew up in Meridian, Idaho just outside of Boise on 5 acres with a menagerie of farm animals. We miss farm life so much, but raising  Mini Goldendoodles has become a perfect fit for our family and children. We absolutely adore caring for the puppies and their companionship, and we can enjoy a bit of the farm life that we experienced growing up. We have done extensive research on our breeds and continue to add knowledge to our program every day. We are highly dedicated Breeders.


We also partner with our family and have our own English Cream breeding program in Pennsylvania with my husband's parents. Breeders with high standards are hard to find, so we often partner with each other. It helps improve the breeder quality in our area when we hold to high standards. I am proud to say that we are not only impacting our puppies and mother dogs, but we are uniting to increase the quality among other breeders in our area by having high standards and sharing with others what we've learned. We want to have a great reputation for Boise, Idaho. We love our city and our country and want to see constant improvement in the Goldendoodle puppy world. 

Our family puts so much effort into research, selective breeding and health, temperament, training, communication, and love! We keep things clean, we are always learning how to use natural remedies and holistic food. We use herbs and natural products whenever we can. Health for our family and our doggies is most important to us. We also regularly groom, exercise, and love on our mother dogs and puppies. We network with other breeders around Boise Idaho and the world to choose the best breeding dogs that we can. Often, we travel far or import to get the best and ethically bred dogs to join our breeding program. We spend a lot of money on travel and stud fees which often we take a loss in if a puppy doesn't make the cut in our program. We carefully choose, and reserve to take a loss if it's not the right fit for the offspring we are looking for. We are constantly learning and networking to learn more and more every day.


We communicate with you! We spend a lot of time on our personal business ethics. Our buyers are our #1 priority when you are needing coaching and help with your puppy. We are there for you in communicating travel, vet appointments, crate selection, potty training, puppy sleep, and details on transactions. We are very professional and are able to clearly communicate. We are set up to take credit card payments, a variety of payment options, and email and text often. We want you to feel like you can call us anytime once you have selected a puppy with us. When you buy a puppy for us, we are a full support breeder as long as you need us. Our puppies for sale are not being sold and then forgotten. We want to remember them, and know that they are going to a great home with a perfect match. Anything less is something we never want our puppies to have. Every puppy deserves the best home. We do offer a buyback policy. We want you to always come to us with concerns about your puppy. They will always have a home with us. 


As you can see, we have children that help us in our daily chores of raising our Power Goldendoodle puppies. Our kids help with socializing, exercising, stimulating, cleaning, and feeding of course. Mom and Dad do most of the work, but the kids get to take part in such a wonderful experience. We are always careful with puppies and each of our kids are supervised at all times with our little precious bundles.





-Angus and April  Power

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