Goldendoodle Puppy Contact Page

Due to recent high email volume due to lockdown and our increased workload homeschooling 7 kids, we are currently not taking any messages at this time. We want to be sensitive to your questions, and will put as many answers here on our site as possible. We will be sure to update you. Please subscribe so that we can reach you.

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Frequent Questions

Do we have any puppies right now?

All of our puppies are listed on our available puppy page here: along with the date that their application will be released, if we have set a date for it. If there is no date, it is pending until the puppies are born. 

Do we take a waitlist?

We do not take a waitlist like many breeders. We sell our puppies closer to when they are ready to go home. This allows for us to get to know the puppies before we introduce them to families.

Can you place a deposit now?

We do not take deposits until we have reviewed applications and personally talked with you first.

How do we choose who gets a puppy?

Your first contact with us is when you fill out our subscription. Our website keeps track of all communication so that we can see how long you've been with us, each conversation and application you've filled out. We closely evaluate each application and look for longest waited, along with best fit. If we have some families that have waited the same amount of time, we will look at lifestyle and the temperament of the puppies available.

Is there anything that will increase your odds?

We try to be as fair as possible. When you fill out the application, please give us as much info on your history and communication with us. 

Do we offer delivery?

Yes, we almost always have puppy nannies available to fly your puppy to you. Delivery is $450 including the human ticket and dog ticket. You are most welcome to come here to meet us instead.

What sizes and generations will we be breeding in 2020?

We are breeding only minis the rest of 2020. We plan to have two f1b mini litters this year. We will not have any more mediums or standards after Zoe's litter this year.

How long do people usually wait?

Usually families wait either through 2 litters, or they wait 4-6 months for one of our puppies. It totally depends on how many we have and who applies at the time. Our interest ebbs and flows and sometimes families get a puppy the first time they apply. We encourage you to try for every litter that you're interested in.

What sizes are your goldendoodles?

Do we sell adult dogs?

No. We run a guardian program so our adult dogs always stay in the home they were in as puppies. We only sell puppies around 8 weeks old with Puppy Culture that preps them for training.