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Should I Tell My Kids That We Are Getting a Mini Goldendoodle Puppy?

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

A note about children: Please do not take your children on this emotional up and down ride. Please do not promise your children a mini goldendoodle puppy. This puts added pressure on you and us to produce a puppy. Breeders can only control so much. We are at the mercy of God to produce puppies. We have the very best reproduction team in our region and have higher than normal success because of our knowledge, but we cannot control nature.

Puppies are life-changing events like moving or having a new baby. Even if you have paid for your puppy and everything seems like a go, they are still live animals. Changes in circumstances could cause your puppy to fall through.

Should I Tell My Kids That We Are Getting a Puppy?

We highly suggest that you damper your children's excitement either with little info or with bits of understanding that it is not final until the puppy is home with you. Discourage them from announcing it to their friends. Kids are in the moment, so they also quickly lose interest in puppies, shockingly, once they are home. This is an adult decision and we expect you to be the one speaking with us and making all of the decisions with us. This protects your children's emotions and ensures that our mini goldendoodle puppies have safe long-term homes.

PowerGoldens' Mini Goldendoodle Adoption Process

Our process does not guarantee that you will get a puppy within a certain timeframe. We used to use a more traditional waitlist approach, with a deposit and a litter list. We found that there was just as much guarantee that way as the way we do it now. Many people have placed deposits on future waitlists and the puppies have not been born, they have changed their mind, or the breeder decided to do something else and refunded the buyer. It does not guarantee you a puppy when you place a deposit with a breeder. In many cases, it can cause more heartache because you feel like you will be guaranteed a puppy when the breeder cannot produce what you want when you want it.

For 8 years, we were able to provide puppies within 2-3 litters and a 6 month wait. Due to covid, we have had to extend the wait time.

Should I Tell My Kids That We Are Getting a Mini Goldendoodle Puppy

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