Potty Training Tips For Mini English Teddybear Goldendoodles!

Updated: Feb 21

Potty training can be easy, really! It's all about having a plan and being consistent. Crates are a favorite way to potty train because dogs do not like to go potty where they sleep. Make sure the crate you have has a divider so that you can make the area they sleep or rest in, only slightly bigger than their bodies. That way they won't want to go in their crate. Crate your puppy near you anytime you cannot keep a close watch on them, and then take the straight to the potty area when you let them out of the crate. This is their instinct, to leave their den and mark. So take them to go potty every time you let them out of the crate. Then you should be good for a while until they have to go again, so use this concentrated time to let them play near you and explore. After a while, crate again, rest and repeat!

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