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Best Affordable Crate Options For Dogs! (2021)

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Our Goldendoodles are so cute! But even cute babies need boundaries. What we recommend for crate training is a wire crate (made by midwest crates) with a divider. Get a wire crate with a plastic tray bottom that easily slides out for washing. That way you can put your doggie bed inside the crate, and you're able to wash everything easily. A huge advantage to you and your Goldendoodle is that you can easily collapse the crate when you need extra space, storing the crate is easy, transporting the crate is easy and moving it from one part of the house to the other is easy. If your dog needs more privacy, you can cover it with a blanket and make it private.

Dividers are great for puppies because puppies want to go potty outside of their bed. But if a crate is rather large, they will move to the end of their crate and go potty. That is not good for potty training, right? You want them to either be in their bed or outside of their crate going potty. So, the position that divider to be only as large as the puppy is. That way, you're very unlikely to have an accident.

Affordable Crate Options For Dogs

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