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How to Potty Train a Mini Goldendoodle

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Potty Training and Crate Training A Mini Goldendoodle Go Together

mini goldendoodle potty train
How Do I Potty Train a Mini Goldendoodle?

Our method of potty training a mini goldendoodle is pretty simple.

When you get your mini goldendoodle puppy home, take your puppy straight to the grass to go pee.

Puppies and dogs when placed on “new to them” grass, will naturally go pee, it’s an instinct.

Then, let your mini goldendoodle have some supervised playtime on a waterproof floor for about 45 minutes until they get tired.

Then it’s nap time in the crate. We keep our crate in the kitchen area or where we work and stay to keep them close and let them settle.

Most puppies will go to sleep in their crate shortly after you put them in.

Let your puppy sleep for about an hour to hour and half. Then, they wake puppy up, and go outside to potty.

Repeat this pattern throughout the daytime.

At night, we usually sleep with our new puppies between us and our pillows the first 3 nights.

The puppies are used to sleeping in a pile of puppies that are warm and alive.

Mini Goldendoodles can usually hold urine 6 hours, so if your late night potty is at 11, they can sleep until 5 and then be taken out again, then put back to sleep with you.

Our minis are usually sleeping through the night within a week of being home.

After 3 nights of being in bed with us a consistent daytime crate training, our puppies usually are pretty acclimated to sleeping their naps in their crates.

So, when it comes to bedtime day 4, they are happy to go to sleep in their crate from here on out!

It has worked for us like a charm for a long time. As long as you are consistent during the daytime.

Here are some more fun facts:

We use the “Misty Method” for potty training. However, we know that any dog has to be re-potty trained to some point when entering new territory, especially homes.

We see this with our Guardian dogs. They are fully potty trained house dogs, but when they come to our house, one of the first things they “try” to do is give us a present, usually upstairs in one of the back closets.

#2! I am now not surprised at all. It’s an instinct to mark new territory and every dog and puppy will have the urge to do it. You will need to use the crate training and not allow your mini Goldendoodle puppy free roam until they are trustworthy.

Do not trust them until they are trustworthy. It’s only fair to them also that they are not tempted beyond what their capabilities are.

Once they are older and know better, that’s another thing! But when they are puppies gently tell them a firm no, and put them on the grass outside to show them physically that they have done something wrong and what to do next time.

Then, after cleaning it up, explain that that was wrong to do but then tell them how much you love them.

Mini Goldendoodles deserve clear communication and a loving home. We hope this info has helped you move closer to a great relationship with your mini goldendoodle!

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