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Exercising Benefits For Dogs During The Winter Season! (2021)

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

mini goldendoodle san diego california

Winter is different for dogs in different places. Many areas in California are not affected much, but in Idaho where we are, winter can range from cold to really cold! Our dogs are mainly inside, but we encourage them, just like we do our kids and ourselves, to be outdoors as much as possible. Our dogs develop a little thicker coat and if they are doodles, we let it grow longer to help them enjoy the outdoors. We've done some vlogs on dogs in extreme weather conditions in Idaho mountains where temperatures stay very low. But most of us live in semi-urban areas where dogs just have fun outside until they want to come in and warm up.

Tips on the Winter Season

Keep your dogs fur longer. Encourage outdoor play even when it's cold. Muscle tone is important for growth, and exercise outside in the best way to gain it. They will eat and drink what they need, so allow them to gauge that. Their instincts are trustworthy. In California, Arizona, and parts of Nevada weather is almost always nice in the winter, but in Idaho, Washington, or Oregon you might need a winter doggie coat or allow outside time to be consistent so that your goldendoodle can develop a thicker coat.

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