Seattle Mini Goldendoodles

Hi Everyone,

Today I want to highlight how wonderful it's been to have great relationships with Seattle families. It is sooo easy to get a puppy to Seattle. Prices are very high in Washington to mini Goldendoodles and there are not very many quality breeders there. When someone finds us from there, they are usually thrilled. I just want to highlight any concerns that a buyer from Seattle may have. First of all, they are concerned about sight unseen buying. We do all we can do to assure you that we are not a scam, puppymill, or backyard breeder. We have all kinds of things in place to validate us and keep us an open book. Our website is a good resource for that, but we also have our Facebook page that could not be fabricated, with many happy buyers there sharing photos of past puppies that are growing into amazing goldendoodles. We also have a Youtube channel showing our home and children playing with puppies. We also offer live video with me at my home so that you can see realtime. Chatting on the phone briefly is a great way to communicate and develop trust. We are here to promptly communicate with you! We make things clear and have a process that is solid. If there is anything else we can do to assure you, please let us know.

Seattle is a great place for us to hand deliver a puppy. Pickout is typically with live video either with facebook live or facetime. Then we fly the puppy to you and meet you at the Seattle airport. We've done this many times and are very comfortable with the 1 hour flight with puppy in-cabin. We just need advance notice of this option and we usually can make it happen for you at the price it would be to drive here and back. It's less stress on the puppy and puts you at ease. We really like the distance, the type of families we've had and it seems to be a great fit for all of us! Thank you Seattle for choosing Power Goldendoodles!