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How To Fly with a Goldendoodle Puppy! (2021)

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

As of right now, Goldendoodles puppies are very easy to fly with. Over 50% of our buyers fly here, uber to our home, uber back to the airport and fly home all in the same day. We are 12 miles from the Boise airport. Most goldendoodle puppies fly home with families with approximately an hour flight from Boise, Idaho to home. The first thing you do is book your airline ticket (online is fine.) Then you call the airlines and add the puppy to your ticket. You do not pay for your puppy at the time of booking. Payment is taken at the airline counter when you are checking in. They are approximately $100 extra. The next thing you do is buy your crate. Most airlines require 17 or 18 inches long and 10 inches tall for the dimensions. Usually they do not even check your dimensions at check-in. As long as it looks like it will fit under the airplane seat for travel. Amazon has some affordable options, but check with the airline website for dimensions before purchase. You are traveling in-cabin, so you will not need any paperwork to travel with your goldendoodle puppy at all. Some agents are mis-informed. Visit the websites for accurate information. Lots of paperwork is required for cargo transport. Sometimes airline staff get confused with cargo rules vs. in-cabin rules. When you come to our house, you will get your goldendoodle puppy, toy, blanket and all health records. You will uber with your puppy to the airport and check-in at the counter and pay. We recommend that you have 3 hours between when you land in Boise and take off to return home. We do not let goldendoodle puppies go any earlier than 2 1/2 hours previous to flight for immunity reasons. After check-in, you will go through security. You will hold your goldendoodle puppy in your arms and walk through security, leaving all bags to go through the scanner. We recommend that you do not allow staff or anyone to touch your goldendoodle puppy. They can contract parvo from human touch.

How To Fly with a Goldendoodle Puppy

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