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Do Mini Goldendoodle Puppies Get Sick in Car Rides?

Mini Goldendoodles are no different than any other puppy, but some puppies are smaller, some are larger. Typically, larger puppies mature faster and can handle stress better at younger ages. Our minis that range from 15-30 lbs full grown are not able to handle a car ride for very long when they first go home. I don't think any puppy can handle a long car ride until about 14 weeks old. For whatever reason, car rides sway side to side. The motion makes a puppy's tummy upset. Normally, this wouldn't be a huge deal, but when puppies are young, they are prone to an opportunist parasite called Coccidia when they are young and their immune system is not fully developed. They can get what old time vets used to call "puppy gut." But now we know for sure what is happening. Coccidia I liken to Shingles in humans. It's opportunist, meaning it doesn't attack unless the immune system is weakened. And in puppies, its the gut that gets upset and thrown off balance by something like swaying in a car ride. It can happen in a day and can lead to deadly consequences.

I'll tell you a story about me learning this the hard way. I was a dumb college student when I happened upon a puppy abandoned at a campground. He was 1/2 lab and 1/2 wrinkle dog, Shar Pei. The cutest thing ever! I had to keep him. Someone had dumped him and a sibling and of course I was the person to take him home. I actually took both to the local humane society but the next day went back and bought "Moses." He was drowning in the eddy of the river at the campground and I was just the Egyptian princess to rescue him. Well, I got him but then had to fly in on a cesna into a remote wilderness and float down on a raft for 7 days. No big deal. Well, Moses got very sick from all the activity and there were no vets on the river. We had to nurse him back to health and he survived with no medicine. He lived a long life with us and my parents helping me. I will never do that again.

Coccidia will take over a puppy's gut and for some strange reason we have had this happen in long car rides that we have allowed buyers to drive. Seattle from Boise, it happened twice that the puppy got so sick that they were nearly hospitalized and quickly put on medication with touch and go care for a week. Since then, we have not allowed a car ride over 5 hours (some places near Boise are very far from airports as well).

Plane rides for mini goldendoodle puppies are just fine. We fly cross-country, in cabin with a nanny and have no issues. We usually do regional flights and they are a breeze. The motion that a plane has is up and down and steady. The puppies do not get sick from it at all. It's wonderful! We are so pleased with our decision because we haven't had issues since changing over to that plan. If a puppy gets sick en route, it is because of a car ride or a person walking with them, swaying. It's usually in a carrier inside the airport that a puppy gets swayed and throws up, if the buyer doesn't know to walk steady with support under the puppy, and not on the shoulder with a strap. I do hope you have many happy travels with one of our Mini Goldendoodle Puppies from Power Goldendoodles. Kind Regards, April Power

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