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What to ask a Mini Goldendoodle Breeder

Mini golden doodle buyers are generally uninformed buyers. Hopefully I can help you by giving you some questions to ask a mini golden doodle breeder. Many mini golden doodle breeders are uninformed breeders. What should a buyer ask a mini golden doodle breeder? Especially when most mini golden doodle breeders don’t know what they’re doing.

Most Mini Goldendoodle Buyer‘s are trend buyers. They just want a cute doodle. They may suffer from mild allergies, or they don’t want to deal with hair. They’ve seen cute pictures of mini golden doodles and they think they may want one of their own.

What should you ask a Mini Goldendoodle Breeder? The first thing that a buyer should do when talking with a mini Goldendoodle Breeder is ask them how long they have been breeding. The second question they should ask them is if they DNA test their parents. The third question they should ask them is do they know the pedigrees of their parents and are they diversified.

Most mini golden doodle breeders go as far as finding a mate for their Mini golden doodle in a nearby area. They think it might be fun to breed the dog they bought. In general, this is a bad idea. Lines are often pretty close together in these cases and can cause severe genetic defects. Mini goldendoodles are generally 75% poodle when they are bred by inexperienced breeders. When they are 75% poodle, they carry two copies of poodle genetics. This is the same as buying the genetics of a 100% poodle. They will carry all of the genetic diseases the poodles carry. Therefore they need to be tested for the full poodle panel of DNA diseases. Both parents of these offspring need a full poodle panel DNA test to rule out genetic diseases that are known. If you can’t follow all of that, you will be able to discover if the breeders have done their homework, by asking the first three questions. If they can’t answer those, they are a typical backyard breeder. you may get a mini golden doodle, however you are risking severe genetic defects, and the looks and temperament of a “mostly” poodle dog.

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