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Therapy Dogs vs Goldendoodle Dogs: What's The Difference?

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Therapy Dogs vs Goldendoodle Dogs

Hey Everyone,

I like to try to remember things I tell people when I chat when them on the phone and write them down for reference. When we are doing our mini goldendoodle puppy pick-outs we use the Volhard test for temperament testing. We use this test because it is tried and true and an enormous amount of effort went into creating it. It was created to find what puppy would be best for service. If the score is high, they would perform best at service. Our goldendoodle puppies are bred to land somewhere in the middle of this test.

They will be easy going goldendoodle puppies. They will neither be too shy or too driven. Driven dogs like border collies are highly intelligent with a strong drive to perform. That can pose a challenge in an urban setting. Small, timid dogs can be prone to fear aggression because they are afraid of too much going on. We avoid both of those temperaments in our goldendoodle parent dogs and breed for a fun-loving family oriented dog that enjoys the setting they are in. All of our goldendoodle puppies fit that description.

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