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Socialize your goldendoodle puppy

Hello, fellow goldendoodle lovers! We have learned a lot about socialization. You may be distraught trying to figure out a socialization plan if you have a new puppy. You want a Goldendoodle that's good with dogs, cats, babies, friends, and strangers. But how? When? What about immunity? Here is my recommendation. You need to quarantine your puppy until they have parvo immunity. The supervirus is deadly and very contagious. I recommend you only hire in-home training until about 14 weeks, or when your vet tells you that your puppy likely has achieved immunity. One of the things you can do during that time frame is to quarantine another neighbor, or friend dog to their yard 2 weeks prior to your puppy playing with them. This is a good option for a friend to play with. After immunity is reached, we highly recommend socialization with other dogs and everything you would like them to get used to. I tell people, if you are an introvert, be an extrovert with your dog for 1 year, or hire teens to take your dog places. After the first year, you can back off. Go to dog parks, walks in public places, play with neighbor dogs, expose your dog to children,

goldendoodle socialization

and a distance from baby squeals. You can also purchase downloads of these noises. Did you know that some dogs can sit through a fireworks show? Yes, ours do. They can be calm through any circumstance and handle change well if you expose them to a lot. It is worth it and possible! If you cannot do it, find resources to provide it to them. It will not affect your bonding experience.

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