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Should you Microchip your Mini Goldendoodle puppy?

I recently had a buyer tell me that she ran into some conflicting opinions on whether to microchip Mini Goldendoodles (or any puppy for that matter). Well, I have given it some thought and I think you need to weigh the pros and cons. The pros first on microchipping your puppy. The biggest pro is that they can find you if they get lost. We had a golden in the front of our yard once that we were hanging out with. Along came another dog loose and together they ran down the street and around the corner. Of course, we got our posse of family, some on scooters, some on bikes, some in cars all after her. But she was gone like the wind. All in an instant. Within 15 minutes, someone had caught her, called animal control, they scanned her and we got a call, text and email from the registry company and reunited with her. That's a pro of having a microchip. The other pro is that if your dog is stolen, it's good to know that later when they walk into a vet office, all vets scan for chips. If the name doesn't match, they will discretely investigate and you may be reunited with a stolen pet, God forbid that would ever happen. But Mini Goldendoodles are worth a lot of money and as we say, a lost Mini Goldendoodle is a stolen Mini Goldendoodle.

The cons. Well, I personally don't know any cons. But common sense says that if you put a piece of metal into a Mini Goldendoodle's body, it might later on cause some kind of leakage, or breakdown of poison of some sort. I will leave real research up to you. I do know, that they are very hard to find once they are inserted. We are getting really good at chipping our puppies and we can feel them after they are inserted just under the skin most of the time. But not always. It's about the size of a grain of rice and instantly disappears into the body. Point being, you probably are not going to find it later and remove it once the dog has grown. With the expected lifespan of our Mini Goldendoodles being 15 years, I don't think that the product will break down before then. But that is my guess. They are like little time capsules. If they stop working after a few years, you could put another one in. However, chances of running away and getting stolen wane after 10 years just because they move slower and like being home.

I am glad to hear more of your feedback on the issue. For now, my vote is Microchips your Mini Goldendoodle. The chances of it paying off are greater than the chances of that tiny piece of electronics hurting your baby. The last question we had was, can we forgo Microchipping one of our Mini Goldendoodles. Of course! We offer them as a service to you, so if you do not want one, just let us know. We typically microchip our puppies just before they go home, so you have time to think about it.

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Thank you for this insight! Also appreciate confirmation that microchipping is provided before they are sent home. I could not find info that elsewhere. Thanks!

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