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Our Master Waitlist Process (In Detail)

Breeders keep waitlists. They are not perfect. As much as I would like to have a streamlined process, dealing with unpredictability in mini goldendoodle momma's biology and human preferences that change over time, is quite a job to keep sanity. It makes raising puppies seem easy. We try to keep a couple things priority. Fairness and responsive communication. We try to keep our waitlist seniority as our main priority. This can get tricky based on preferences. So #1 please keep your preferences up to date with us. When your application comes in, we jot down your preferences on our spreadsheet from what we read. When I talk with you, we get a closer idea of what you're looking for and jot that down. If along the way, you decide you may be open to more genders or different generations, please let us know. That way, we can update the spreadsheet. When we have puppies available, we can go down in order of seniority and place you on litters based on preferences. Wait times are very hard to predict. It depends on factors out of our control. We usually can give you a general idea if you are specific, like f1b mini goldendoodle boy puppies wait time based on your seniority and how many mommas we have. We have about 18 litters a year with an average of 7 puppies in those litters. 1/2 are f1 and 1/2 are f1b mini goldendoodles, and 1/2 are one gender and 1/2 the other gender. Stats, stats, but I am a spreadsheet nerd so I try my best to give you the stats you need at the time. Please reach out anytime for an estimate. -April

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