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How much is a mini goldendoodle in California?

We well 90% of our mini goldendoodles to California. Why? We are specialty, premium, long-term breeder, and we are a short flight to California. We are familiar with the flights and airports and areas that you live in. How much is a mini goldendoodle in California? We've been serving the West for 11 years now and we know the market pretty well. California trends just slightly higher than the rest of the nation for mini goldendoodles. They range from about $1500 and past our current price of $3850. I feel like there is a huge advantage to spending more for a healthy, long-term family member than the bottom of the market price. They are still expensive to buy with no health testing and usually a breeder that knows hardly anything about breeding, let alone genetics and blood lines. Investing in well bred temperament lines (mellow) from excellent parent breeds, and builds (blocky), creating beautiful offspring is something worth investing in as well. Why not get the whole package, along with a breeder that produces a consistent offspring in size, color, personality and looks. We can tell you exactly what your new baby will be like as far as personality goes. We produce about 100 puppies a year for 11 years. And, they are all from those basic principles, so that our offspring are so similiar, we can judge them carefully as they grow. A mini goldendoodle will cost you in California, from about $1500 and up, depending on what type of breeder you choose. We think it is well worth the cost to pay more and be sure of what you're getting. Often a $1500 purchase will get you a mystery puppy. I will write a separate blog describing some the mystery puppies that often occur. Bottom line. Spend more to get the quality. This decision will be with you for 15 years.

mini goldendoodle california

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