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Are Mini Goldendoodles the Perfect Family Dog?

English Mini Goldendoodle Dogs are smart, human-like and friendly. Mini Goldendoodles range in temperament from calm to energetic depending on the parent Breed of the Golden Retriever.

Most Poodle temperaments are consistent. Most Golden Retriever temperaments vary, so it’s very important to pick a Mini Goldendoodle breeder that has English Golden Retriever parents from well-maintained champion lines.

Poodles personalities tend to be more cat-like than other dogs. Poodles are aloof, regal and serious. They have hands like humans and are the 2nd smartest dog on the planet.

Most trick dogs are medium to mini sized full poodles or poodle mixes. They are extremely great at learning things and performing. They generally do not “need’ a human. They often sit on a sofa like a human, on the other side of the couch even! It’s really hilarious. They are kind, semi-affectionate, highly intuitive and can outsmart you. They can open doors, get things off the counter without you knowing, and look at you like they know what you are thinking.

They tend to warm up to strangers slowly and need to gain trust.

Golden Retriever personalities are well-known in general. They are highly affectionate, needy, pleasing oriented. They really like to be by people and are very friendly. Most Golden Retrievers are approachable by any stranger, if they are socialized. They are easy to train, but they take time because they get distracted easier and their priorities are pleasing. The movie “UP” portraits the golden retrievers personality comically. They aren’t the most intelligent dog on the planet but they are lovers. Our English Golden Retriever mothers are mellow, affectionate, beautiful, low prey drive, and calm. English Golden Retrievers have low energy and do not require a lot of stimulation or exercise to be content. This is extremely important in our breeding program because we breed for docile temperaments that are great for mostly urban families. Our English Teddybear Mini Goldendoodles are not hyper or high maintenance. They are beautiful, low shed or no shed, depending on what generation of mini goldendoodle they are, F1 or F1b. Some breeders breed multi-generational Goldendoodles. We do not breed multi-generational Goldendoodles because we feel like it bottlenecks the genetics and doesn’t give any hybrid vigor benefits. Hybrid vigor is one of the best things about having a mini goldendoodle. Their gene pools are pretty far apart in the dog world, so combining their genes creates massive hybrid vigor. I will talk more about this in another blog post.

Reasons Why English Mini Goldendoodles are the best dog breed for families.

The first reason that the English Mini Goldendoodle is the best choice for a family is because of personality and safety with children.

Our story on our homepage is one of difficulty. When our 18 month old son was bit by a common rescue breed, we were devastated.

He was shook by the dog and locked into her jaws for what seemed like forever. It happened so suddenly and I contribute it mostly to the breed.

Some breeds are just not appropriate for young children. Dog breeds were bred for specific purposes, mostly jobs like hunting or fighting.

Being knowledgable about the breed and it’s history is extremely important. Dogs don’t have very many genes, that is why they can be changed so quickly within such small amounts of breeding generations.

You can breed a mid-sized dog down to a tiny dog in only a couple generations, or to a giant breed in a few as well. You can breed color traits or curl traits in and out quickly.

There are no other animals with that kind of gene pool and variation so quickly. This is fascinating to me. If you breed a giraffe with smaller giraffes, they will vary a little, but hardly noticeable. Color can’t be changed, hair type, no.

Dogs can have personality traits bred in and out quickly too. That is why we choose the English Golden Retriever.

English Golden Retriever’s lines have been carefully watched and maintained in Europe for a long time. Just recently have they become a popular American color. That is because the AKC does not recognize white as an acceptable color for Golden Retrievers. However, the English Golden Retrievers are still registered AKC Golden Retrievers. They just will not ever win a show. All of our English Golden Retrievers are AKC/CKC registered. They haven’t and they never will. If you watch the National Dog Show around Thanksgiving time on TV every year, you will find out that the Golden Retriever Champion every year is a mid-gold color. Color is one of the traits you can look up on the AKC website under the Golden Retriever standard Here. The English Golden Retriever is not really English. Primarily Ukraine and Italy host the best Champion lines in the world and have for quite some time. The history of why they call them English is long, but they are really a European version of the Golden Retriever. Their personality traits and health are the things we like best about them as we aim for our English Mini Goldendoodles to benefit urban families that like to do moderate outdoor things. They have a very relaxed, easy going personality. We are very picky about our English Goldens and choose ones that have Imported Champion Lines to ensure that all of their standards have been met for generations back. They have blocky builds which ads to their docile temperament, not being a highly athletic dog, they do not enjoy swift and agile activities. They would rather have leisure activities. The English Mini Goldendoodles still like to go on jogs, the poodle side of the is very athletic and agile. That is why it’s so important to offset the poodle temperament with the English Golden Retriever instead of the hunting Red American Golden Retriever. Both the English Golden Retriever and the American Golden Retriever are still the same breed, but because their lines have been separated so long, they are *ALMOST different breeds.

When the Poodle and English Golden Retriever mixes, there are more benefits to family:

1)Temperament - laid back, mellow, kind, friendly, docile, great with kids

Secondly is health. How healthy are English Teddybear Mini Goldendoodles? In the almost 10 years we’ve been breeding English Mini Goldendoodles, we have never had a genetic defect in any of our puppies that was serious. Never. That is from hundreds of puppies that have gone home and grown up. We have never had any hip dysplasia, never any organ issues, never any blindness, hearing issues, cleft (common in snub nosed breeds), no puppies that were deformed, small, runts, never any birthing issues. This is rare! We have breeder friends with other breeds that commonly have these issues. There is power in hybrid and there is power in English lines. Especially since the American Golden Retriever lines are smitten with cancer causing 60% of their deaths and many at early ages. It just eliminates these problems genetically. Outside environmental factors can play a role in any dog’s life, especially choices of food, so be choose carefully what your dogs are exposed to. Again I will talk about how important hybrid vigor is as well. When the English Golden and Poodle are mixed, especially 1st generation, they hybrid is amazing. One of the things we see personally expressed is litter size. The F1 English Goldendoodle mothers produce much larger litters than the English Golden Retrievers. They are naturally more fertile because of hybrid vigor. They are strong! The other we notice is the puppies are stronger. We used to breed English Golden Retriever puppies. Comparing the puppies alone is fascinating. The English Golden Retriever puppies struggle more and need more human help to thrive than the Goldendoodle puppies. The F1 and even F1b English Goldendoodles thrive so much better and require much less human aide to thrive and grown than the English Golden Retriever puppies. These are our own personal observations.

You definitely want a dog to live a long healthy life for your kids. The English Mini Goldendoodle is going to be a great choice just because of health alone.


2) Health

3) Size

The English Mini Goldendoodle in our sizes ranging from 15-30 is a great Family size. Many breeders do not breed Minis this size and we are a rare breeder that provides F1 English Mini Goldendoodles in this size. We take extra care to provide this size and generation because we are aiming for the perfect family dog. The portability of this size is dreamy! We think that under 15lbs, dogs tend to be bark and protective. They are small, and no matter how socialized, they will have little dog syndrome. Their world is huge and there’s nothing we can do to help them cope with it except give them what they need, which is protection. This makes them attach to one person and usually isn’t the best family size. There are many breeds this size for the lifestyle looking for this dog. They are typically only house dogs and in a quiet environment. We bred petite mini Goldendoodles only for a short time and decided that they are just not the best family dog. So we are providing bigger puppies for a reason. However, the 15-30 range is just fantastic for almost any family lifestyle. Our English F1 and F1b Mini Goldendoodles go everywhere with their families. They are easy to fit into vehicles and lift up and down. They don’t need a huge yard. They don’t need lots of exercise, but we have many families that hike up to 10 miles without any problems. They enjoy jogs and especially walks. Some our our English Mini Goldendoodles are on boats a lot. Some are at the sports fields and many on trails and beaches. They love it and their families think they are the very best size!

4) Beauty

Lastly, beauty matters as long as you have all the prior in order. But it does matter to us. We do have the cutest English Teddybear Mini Goldendoodle puppies on the planet. The term teddybear was coined by a breeder in Arkansas who started breeding the standard English Goldendoodle about 15 years ago. They did not breed the Mini version of that but coined a phrase Teddybear attached to the word English. Well, it is true. English Mini Goldendoodles do look more like teddybears than AKC American Golden Retriever versions of Goldendoodles. The English stalky builds and heads offset the long lanky bodies and noses of poodles, giving the perfect shape the the head and body. They are well-proportioned and have great conformation. They stand square and have proper proportion in the length of their back and legs. Their legs are not lanky and their backs are straight. They have blocky heads and the hair that English Goldens have compared to the American Golden Retrievers is shorter and chunkier, expressing a beautiful fleecy coat that chunks up perfectly, giving the Teddybear look, and a classic goldendoodle look to our Mini Goldendoodles. You can see the differences in our galleries HERE. Our families tell us that everyone stops them and asks what kind of dog they have or what kind of mini goldendoodle they have. Many are superstars, they are poster children for businesses and advertising because of their glamorous cuteness factor. There truly is a difference.

To conclude, most of our families choose us because of our authority, good communication, solid breeding program and reputation. I think that all of these factors matter and setting our standards high pays off. We are thrilled with our business and our puppies, families and our family that makes this all happen. We are proud that we are providing one of, if not the best puppy on the planet for families and adding to a family experience that will be memories a family shares for generations. We hope that we can help you on your journey to find the perfect dog for your family.

What is the best family dog?
English Mini Goldendoodles are the best family breed

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