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PowerGolden's Mini Goldendoodle Colors & Generations! (2021)

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Mini Goldendoodle Colors & Generations

The greatest photo isn't it? This is Archie. He lives in beautiful San Diego, California with his loving family. He's an f1b mini Goldendoodle. So many people wonder why some Goldendoodles are multi-colored. Well, it's about genetics, of course! F1 Goldendoodles can NEVER be multicolored, or parti. Golden Retrievers do not carry a parti gene, ever. It takes 2 genes to make something happen when it comes to almost everything. So all f1s will be a solid color of some sort. F1b's however could potentially have other colors if the poodle genes carried that color. Our goldendoodle puppies are red, apricot and cream varieties.

Mostly because the mothers are english golden retrievers or english goldendoodles. Archie above is an f1b mini goldendoodle. His mom carries cafe au laute color poodle and dad carries red, which in this case was dominant. If you buy a puppy from us, we are currently breeding for red and apricot. Very little white -a mismark of white on the chest, chin or head may appear but it is not genetic white, just what they call a mismark.

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