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Are Mini Goldendoodles Hyper, Smart, and Easy-To-Train?

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Are mini goldendoodles hyper, smart and easy to train?

No, Yes and Yes. We think of Jack Russels or Border Collies when we think of hyper. Maybe some yorkies or pomeranians.

Would you consider a Golden Retriever hyper? Maybe a few.

Generally they are not, and NEVER have I met an English Golden Retriever that was hyper. We choose calm poodles as well. There are variances in breeds and generalization in breeds themselves. Are our mini goldendoodle puppies hyper?

No. Are they smart? Yes. Mini poodles are the second smartest dog in the world. So yes. Easy to train? Ask our trainers that buy our puppies. Yes! Absolutely. One of our goldendoodle puppies has been trained to open the fridge, get a bottle of water and bring it to her owner. She also puts her toys away by name! The sky is the limit as to what you can train a goldendoodle to do.

Are Mini Goldendoodles Smart

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