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Are Goldendoodles Cuddly Around People? (2021)

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Are Goldendoodles Cuddly

Mini Goldendoodles are super cuddly! We choose parent dogs that love to snuggle and cuddle. We also have puppies that are well socialized with our family and dogs.

Our Mini Goldendoodle designer dogs have become so popular in recent years that you’ve begun seeing them everywhere. And if you’re like the other percentage of us who have become with these amazing teddybears, we're excited to share with you great news!

Our puppies have become popular for many reasons. Not only are our goldendoodles super cute and cuddly, they are also known to be very family-friendly, super intelligent, and (mostly) non-shedding. There are individual characteristics within our goldendoodles that you can rest-assured knowing that yours will truly be one-of-a-kind.

We have found that a recent survey perfomed by Doodle Doods suggests that most people find Goldendoodles as very cuddly and affectionate with family. We know this to be true. We hope you find out soon for yourself!

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