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Male Goldendoodle vs Female Goldendoodle Puppies: What's Better?

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Male Goldendoodle vs Female Goldendoodle Puppies

We get this question a lot. Is there any difference? I tell my puppy families, most people choose gender based on past experience. If they had female dogs growing up, then they know how they were. However, there are blanket generalizations that can help decide. 

Many people in Idaho like to hike, camp, and travel with their Goldendoodles. If you’re an active family or have teens in the home, usually a male puppy fits well. They tend to be more courageous and comfortable in new situations. 

Let’s say though that you work in a setting that’s quiet and your goldendoodle will likely be a therapy dog. We recommend a female. There are exceptions to the rule. There are quiet little shy boys sometimes and larger laid back girls. 

All of our puppies are highly socialized and comfortable with noise and activity. So in general, each gender will fit in allmist any normal household and work setting. 

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