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Positive Dog Training: Why It Works! (2021)

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Positive Dog Training

Trends change but dogs do not. All Positive dog training is the new trend. We are proponents of positive training if at all possible! Just like with our children, redirecting and positive reinforcement is what we do if at all possible. But there are behaviors that are not acceptable to us. In those cases, a firm “no” is in order. Most dogs respond to a confident alpha voice if needed. We breed family friendly Goldendoodle puppies with excellent temperaments and our golden, Goldendoodles and poodles respond wonderfully to treats and training. But our children are alpha in our family and even our baby is able to present herself as a dominant figure even with a big dog.  

We encourage you to be positive if at all possible. But don’t be afraid to say no on occasion. It is important for dogs to understand their order in the home. They are built for pack ranks, so be clear and you’ll enjoy them every moment with them! 

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