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Grain Free Dog Food: Is it Good or Bad For Your Companion?

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

One of our previous goldendoodle puppy families recently shared the following article with us.

It accounts for the main ingredient in food being potatoes, lentils and peas as a culprit for some major health concerns. It states that dogs and puppies are carnivores, which is not entirely true. Dogs are omnivores. But...what they like to eat best is meat. This is about common sense. Wolves main delight is meat. When they cannot get it, they will eat other things. God made them that way. So, if we are going to mimic their ideal diet, it will be first ingredient meat, then a good balanced variety of other plants that would give them energy. We all know that wheat, potatoes and corn are now GMO'd ingredients. Corn and wheat being the worst of them all because Roundup is sprayed on them at least 4 times during growth. All that to be said. if a carb is the main ingredient in a dog food, then it is bad. And even worse if it is a GMO'd ingredient.

Just like people food, we can't really get the perfect food all of the time for our puppies and adult dogs. But we can use common sense and eat the best thing available. We've chosen Life's Abundance mainly because they have never been recalled and their great success with breeding dogs' health. They too may struggle to balance the "perfect" dog and puppy

Grain Free Dog Food

meal and accommodate every need, but today they are our first choice for balance. Not all Grain Free Dog Foods are created equal, but Life's Abundance will be one of the best, avoiding wheat especially.

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