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How Much Do Goldendoodle Puppies Eat?

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

How Much Do Goldendoodle Puppies Eat

This is our most common question when goldendoodle puppies go home. When they leave us, we are typically feeding them in a litter, and we are going through a lot of dog food every day. Each of them are eating different amounts and so we can't really judge what each puppy is eating. For the first week, we recommend that your new goldendoodle puppy have puppy food left out for them. This is called free feeding. Puppies typically don't eat for the first 24 hours after their transition into a new environment. After that, it takes a little bit for them to feel comfortable. After they are established eating well, we recommend that your puppy eats twice a day. The best way to figure out how much to put out, is to weigh them and then read the back of Life's Abundance's bag of dog food and mesure out the recommended amount for your goldendoodle puppy.

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