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How To Choose a Good Vet For My Dog

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

goldendoodle california

We often get asked who is our vet and do we recommend them? As breeders, we have a few different vets, because we have different needs. We have specialized reproduction vets, we have emergency vets, and we have routine vets for well checks. We recommend when interviewing vet clinics, considering where your goldendoodle puppy is going to go, that you ask good questions.

If it were us, we like vets that are experienced and have common sense. We would ask how long the doctor has been practicing and where they did their training. Also, ask if they specialize in anything and are they part of a larger network (not recommended). We do not recommend the Petco/Banfield Network. In fact, we void our health guarantee if our puppy families choose them because of their abuse of new puppy owners. They upsell products and services that are unneeded and take advantage instead of teach and inform.

Try to find a vet that is humble and has the heart of a teacher. There is no reason that there should be information that only they know, etc. Why not teach and share advice? They do not have the pressure from pharmaceutical companies like medical doctors, and they shouldn't be acting like them. So if they check you in and have you fill out a 5 page information sheet, it wouldn't be the one we would choose. Your first puppy well visit should be well under $100, and shots should be under $30 at the most each time you go back in. (These are Idaho prices, lol)

Idaho is growing, so there should be more clinics popping up in the valley. Take your time and don't feel pressured. Zamzows and D and B Supply have shot clinics if you haven't found a vet your love, take your puppy there and get shots updated until you settle with one you really like!

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