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3 Types of Goldendoodle Sizes (Mini, Medium, Standard)

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Types of Goldendoodle Sizes

Maybe you’re wondering what size of Goldendoodle to get? We have minis, mediums and standard sizes. The personalities of Goldendoodle dogs are largely related to their sizes. The mini goldendoodles worlds are big, so they tend to need more security and bond more to a primary caregiver. They are a great option if they can be cuddled often or be nearby their family, or have a safe place they can go. The mediums are more laid back and comfortable with a bit more movement and activity. The standards are the most confident. They are big dogs, so they are typically not afraid of anything, rarely bark, and are low maintenance. Any choice can be a good one for your family. Knowing the needs of the different sizes can make all the difference in great success in caring for your new puppy.

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