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Best Goldendoodle Fun Facts You Probably Didn't Know!

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

We've had a few questions about our doodles lately!

Will a Golden Retriever mixed with a Toy Poodle have puppies that are 20-30 lbs? Absolutely they will! We know because we do it. They do vary in sizes within the litter. Meet Lola (below). Her mom was 67 lbs. Indy and Dad was Rudy is 5 lbs. She's charting in at a whole 12 lbs last time I checked. She was extra small for a mini. But most of Indy's litter was right around 20. You can also see more of her siblings on our facebook page and what their current weights are.

Do Toy Poodles have eye problems? All sizes of poodles can carry the same eye disease. Golden Retrievers also can carry the same eye disease. If health testing is not in place, it is likely that the disease would be passed to the puppies. We never breed a carrier to a carrier. This eliminates the disease in any of our offspring. We currently only have 1 carrier in our program and she is an unaffected medium goldendoodle. We do not breed her to other carriers and so therefore the offspring do not carry.

Are toy poodles high strung?

As far as personalities go, all poodles carry the same genes. They are the same breed. Standard, moyen, mini and toy all are the same. We carefully select our breeding males and look for laid back temperaments. All of our studs have champion lines and very high standards for health and personality.

Are F1 Goldendoodles 90-100% non-shedding?

In GENERAL, F1's are right in that range. Genetics vary though. F1 means 1/2 and 1/2. Every dog is not exactly 1/2 and 1/2 genetically. Just like some of your siblings might resemble one of your parents more than the other. This is true in dogs. Most F1's are loose, wavy and fleece coated with wonderful coats that are almost non-shedding. Some report slicker brushes being full once or twice a day. Some report no shedding. All of them say they are no where near a golden retriever, and that's what most of our buyers are wanting in an F1. Not much on clothes or furniture, no big hairballs under couches. If you brush your dog once a week, you'll notice very little coming out. Sometimes in their first year they will shed their baby coat out until their adult coat comes in at 1 year of age. Some people have noticed that after their first short groom, shedding decreases in the baby hair. Remember that no dog is actually 100% non-shedding. Even poodles have a little bit coming out of a comb. But nothing "sheds" onto other things. That is the idea and that's what we mean for our short answer for F1's being 90-100% non-shedding. We've found that this is the best generalization for puppy buyers.

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