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How To Pick Out a Puppy With The Right Temperament

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

How To Pick Out a Puppy With The Right Temperament

Before you start examining the photos that we take of your soon to be Goldendoodle puppy, like a scientist under a microscope, I have a few pointers! We've been through the picking-out process many times. We've learned how this process goes and so what I am telling you is true.

Let us take you back in time a bit.

Do you remember back when puppies used to be picked out at pet stores? There were some in Boise, Idaho for a short period of time. There was usually only one of each breed in the store. That's because the stores found that people picked puppies much easier when there wasn't a lot to choose from.

A few complications happen when there is a whole litter to choose from, or gender in our case. We think our option is best for puppies and new families. The majority of our families are not picking a puppy purely out of impulse. That helps them make a logical decision. You are that family. You have thoroughly thought this through and planned for it. Remember that as you move forward, still consider your logic. Often puppy families are so caught up in the emotion of the moment they've waited for a long time, they throw all logic aside and grab the first Goldendoodle puppy that licks them. You are welcome to choose that way, but we will encourage you to ask us about them, and discuss your lifestyle, expectations, energy level, and what are your top priorities.

These puppies all have the same mother and father. Even though they are very different siblings, you are not going to get puppies that are that much different from each other. Mother and Father's genetics are even tempered, obedient, pleasurable, gentle, smart and happy dogs. Some are larger, and alpha in their little litter pack, and some are timid. But overall, they will be even tempered just like their parents if given a stable, consistent home. Alpha puppies may need a bit more submission work (which we do along the way continually when we see it) and the shy ones will need extra handling to build confidence. The healthiest place for them is their litter and mother, who teaches them how to interact with each other and to know who is boss (Mother.)

These puppies will still change A LOT!

Between 4-6 weeks puppies can go from Alpha in the pack to the middle. Some of the middle kids, as I call them, can rise to the top of the pack. Their eating habits and playing rough habits can dramatically change their size and strength and temperament between now and then. By 6 weeks though, it is pretty set. Puppy's development is in hyper speed. It's like watching a newborn grow to a tween in 8 weeks. So we watch them closely, especially as they are changing a lot. That being said. Today's introduction should be just that. We will not be updating you on all of their little changes from now until then. We will point out a few things, but it has been proven that we would be wasting your time and ours if we were focusing on their personalities or even size right now. Please try to contain your excitement and be patient with us. The last few weeks have a very high intensity of care and constant cleaning, moving, training, vetting, and socializing. We try to make it seem very romantic, but it is farm work! Hard, sweaty, dirty and stinky at times! We get our hands and clothes dirty. I don't even want to tell you what hits me in the face sometimes. Thank you for enjoying the journey with us. We always fall in love with a all of them and usually a few favorites, and it's hard to say goodbye.

What would be helpful to focus on.

Have fun looking at the litter's photos! It takes us over an hour of sweat and tears sometimes to get these shots. These photos will be memories for you when you do take your little one home. We know how valuable they will be in the long run to you! You'll have these photos and look back at the changes.

Think about and possibly make note of what's most important to you for when you come. Then you can tell us what your main focus is and trust us to guide you. We know what they are like. You are welcome to do little tests with them. There a many different ways that people try to test temperament. I think they are helpful as long as it agrees with our opinion as well. If a test determines who we know to be the big alpha male says its timid, it's probably not accurate. But if there are several that haven't stood out to us as particularly one way or another, a little test could be helpful if you wanted to try.

When it's time to choose.

When it's time to choose your puppy, you will be scheduled 45 minute slots. Goldendoodle Puppies get tired quickly and at 6 weeks will only play about 20-30 minutes until they are all "dog tired." Then they dog pile into a puppy pile and go to sleep for 2 hours. So, staying any longer than that is not very helpful anyway. We can chat with you, and you'll find that it's ample time to decide who is the best fit for you. We will space you out so that they are not all sleeping

hard when you arrive. They still sleep the majority of the day, but they will be rested enough to move around and interact. Please play carefully with them, they are still very young. I'll be in touch with you in your pick order soon to schedule your pick-out time.

Thank you for choosing Power Goldendoodles!

​April Power

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