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What makes a good mini goldendoodle breeder?

Updated: Jun 10

I meet so many people who think either their breeder was terrible or terrific for the oddest reasons. After so many years of being a mini goldendoodle breeder, I'm still amazed at how uninformed people are on breeding dogs in general, from weaning puppies to understanding runts, and what conditions breeders should have, among many other subjects. I often hear people say that their breeder was amazing for reasons such as sending photos to the buyer often, snuggling puppies, or chatting about how much they loved the puppies. I also hear bad things about breeders for odd reasons such as breeding their dog more than once or twice, or sending the puppies home too early - at a time when mother dogs want nothing to do with their puppies (a little-known fact). For sure, one thing is true: good breeders are not informing their buyers. They are not teaching.

What makes a good mini goldendoodle breeder?

They can talk extensively about their breeding program. They can address health testing, genetics, line breeding, and pedigrees. They can speak to how to care for puppies, mothers, kennel care, wound care, supplements, complication risks, veterinarians, vaccines, medications, and much more! Your breeder should be able to talk and talk!

They should be able to give you a personal call. A full-time professional breeder should give you concierge service. They should be able to prep you for anything you need to care for your puppy.

Good breeders breed often and for many years. They cannot be good if they do it occasionally. There is too much to know and adapt your lifestyle to. They must have all the proper team in place, including specialized vets, backup sitters, ways to isolate if needed, and all the care knowledge, like knowing any warning signs and what to do.

When in doubt, a good breeder isn't just nice or loving, they are a knowledgeable professional with excellent work ethic, the time to do it, and integrity to produce what they promise to, and they stand behind their word.

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