Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Goldendoodle Puppies
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This litter will not have our traditional application.

F1b Mini Goldendoodle puppies born June 14th

Go home beginning August 9th

7 girls and 1 boy

Both parents have genetic testing - VWD1 / NE / DM 


These puppies are at our in-laws house in Pittsburgh PA. 

Because of flight shortages, we are offering these puppies only to families that can either come and meet them in person for pickup or meet at the Pittsburgh PA airport.

Please contact Rita Power directly about this litter at: 724-464-8682 and schedule a facetime call or call. 

Please ask Rita about pricing. 


Family Operated Goldendoodle Breeder

Occasionally, we have top quality English Goldendoodles in Pittsburgh, PA

Bill and Rita Power are primarily breeders of English Cream Golden Retriever puppies.

Occasionally, they will have a litter of English Teddy Bear Goldendoodles. 

They raise these puppies with the same in-home high quality standards that we do.

We handle the advertising, money and flight arrangements for them. East Coast buyers usually want to support breeders and puppies from local areas. We also do offer travel for our West Coast puppies if our parents don't have any puppies at the time. Please ask us about flights if you're interested in one of our West Coast goldendoodle puppies. We are phasing into breeding mini goldendoodles in PA as well.

Our Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale

When buying a puppy that is far away, usually there are some questions:

1) How will I know I'm not part of a puppy scam?

2) How will I get my Goldendoodle puppy?

3) How do I know I'm not supporting a puppy mill?

These puppies are hand raised. Bill and Rita are small scale breeders, currently with 2 breeding females. These are house dogs that live inside and loved on every day. Our parents are retired and live on a beautiful hobby farm in Clarksburg, PA so they have lots of time to play and socialize them.

Our communication process will put you at ease. Our facebook page shows a timeline of past puppies that went home to puppy families all over the country. We contact you and invite you to either visit the farm or engage in live video with facebook live or facetime to meet the parents.

Every week we will post pictures on facebook as your baby grows. Then at 5 weeks, you will begin communicating about the temperament and personalities of the puppies. At 6 weeks, we will schedule an in-person or live video to pick your puppy out.  

How You Get Your New Goldendoodle Puppy

Most often, our buyers are not located in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.

Our puppies are a bit of a specialty with the English Golden Retriever lines and health testing. So we sell our puppies all over the country. 

Just after you pick your puppy out, we arrange the flight through United Petsafe.  Puppies fly out of Pittsburgh Airport. They are excellent Pet Transporters and fly many dogs every day. They have strict guidelines to ensure safety for your puppy. We take a lot of time in preparing your puppy for flight. We book their ticket carefully and choose the fasted route. 

Because most of our buyers are within driving distance from Maryland, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and North Carolina, we often have people physically visit the farm. But we are able to ship and often prefer a plane ride for a puppy over a long car ride. 


Falon is 100% AKC English Golden Retriever, litter mate to Harper. She lives at Power Farms in Pennsylvania.

Falon is a vivacious, fun-loving extrovert who thinks everyone is her BFF! She is an adventurous party girl, as well as exuberant hunter. She loves spending time with people to "help" with any and every project always with energy to spare. Her favorite pastime is being right by Bill's side as he works.

Adult weight: 75 lbs.

She has Excellent OFA hips/elbows/ PRA-PRACD/ICT clear.


AKC English Cream Golden Retriever - Located in Pennsylvania

Harper is 100% AKC English Golden Retriever, litter mate to Falon. She lives at Power Farms in Pennsylvania.

Harper is a classic, beautiful Golden Retriever with a stately, regal manner.  She is steady, loyal and dependable.  She, too, is a dedicated hunter. She exudes confidence and contentment as she observes her "domain" yet she will readily answer the challenge to a snuggle on the couch at night.

Adult weight: 85 lbs.

She has Excellent OFA hips/elbows, PRA-PRACD clear /ICT carrier, unaffected.


Ollie is a White Standard Poodle. He is AKC from UKC Champion Show lines. He has a lovely coat. Oliver ("Ollie"), loves life to the fullest. He likes to explore and have fun all day long. 

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Frequently asked questions such as "Do you have any puppies available right now? Do you take a waitlist? Do you know when the next litters are going to be? Will you have litters later in the year? The answers are on our AVAILABLE PUPPIES page. 

We have an East Coast family location (Power Farm) and a West Coast location in Boise, Idaho, Power Puppies LLC Idaho. Most of the puppies are being raised in Idaho right now, but we have a couple litters a year in PA right now. We are all blood family members (The Power Family.)