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Irvine, CA
Area Goldendoodle Puppies

mini goldendoodle california irvine san francisco los angeles

Family Operated Goldendoodle Breeder

We are in-home, reputable breeders of Mini Goldendoodles in Idaho. However, about 50% of our mini goldendoodle puppies are parading around the streets and beaches of the Irvine or Los Angeles area. We offer in-cabin puppy nanny delivery with our own personal nannies, or you can fly to us and either come visit us or meet us at curbside departures at the Boise airport. 

Many happy families already have puppies from us in your area. You can read our google reviews or scan our Instagram to connect with locals about our past puppies. 

We are a high-end, health tested, and premium breeder from Champion English Golden Retriever lines.

mini goldendoodle california irvine san francisco los angeles

Our Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale are Special Because: 

  1. Mini Goldendoodle Health- Our puppies are genetically tested, hand selected from premium lines, and we know what we are doing. We’ve been breeding for over 10 years and run a full-time breeding business averaging 10-15 litters a year. Our puppies are F1 and F1b mini goldendoodles, keeping away from genetic problems arising from multi-gen breeding.

  2. Mini Goldendoodle Personality- Our puppies have a mild temperament. The English Golden Retrievers are much more mellow than the American Red hunting lines. The English Golden Retriever (imported lines) has been bred for beauty for many generations and has lost a prey drive like their cousins the Red Golden Retrievers. 

  3. Mini Goldendoodle Looks- Our puppies are knock-dead gorgeous and distinct from any other breeder’s puppies. We are good at pairing our looks perfectly, creating the soft, fleecy coat, body structure, and look of a teddy bear.

  4. Our Reputation and Care- We know how to socialize our puppies scientifically and professionally. We’ve studied and mastered the trends and techniques of socialization. We understand and produce the “perfect” puppy.

mini goldendoodle california irvine san francisco los angeles

How We Can Help You on Your Journey

We can help you learn about mini goldendoodles. Our website is full of resources to understand genetics, generations, training, supplies, veterinarian options and so much more. Click through our tabs and learn about why we are unique but also inform yourself about mini goldendoodles and get to understand what you are looking for in your perfect puppy. We take time with you once you reach our seniority list to make sure you have researched and learned all of the different options you have in choosing a mini goldendoodle for your family. They will be your family members and so it is a very emotional and difficult decision picking a trusted Breeder. We understand that many of our clients are well-researched and have found us to be a resource to them. 


There are many things to consider in choosing which puppy and breed is best for your family. We believe that mini goldendoodles are just about perfect for all families and lifestyles. They have a coat that is mostly non-shedding, a size that can just about do anything but also is mobile enough for easy travel. Their temperament and how easy they are to train is universal for lifestyles. They are beautiful, loving and low-maintenance.

In the Sacramento area, we want to service your mini goldendoodle needs. We encourage you to gain trust in us while you are waiting for seniority and get to know some of our past puppies as well as owners. You may even bump into some of them in shopping areas or beaches. We can deliver to your area including San Francisco airport, Sacramento and also San Jose airports. We choose flights based on direct flights for puppies but we always have been able to deliver to your area quickly and professionally.

mini goldendoodle california irvine san francisco los angeles

Why We Are Happy About Our Puppies Going to Irvine, California

We are happy that our puppies are going the Irvine area. It is such a beautiful city with a wonderful dog lifestyle. We love that our puppy families are outdoors with their English teddybear mini goldendoodles. Irvine puppy owners provide a great social life for their puppies by taking them to dog parks and on lots of walks. We are pleased to be an Irvine mini goldendoodle breeder and find excellent homes for them. We do carefully interview our potential buyers in a kind and thought-provoking way. We keep things positive and have interviewed hundreds of people over the years, so we know what to ask, and how to ask it. We are looking for anything that would be difficult for the family that would cause it to become complicated or hard for them to maintain a healthy and positive long-term home for the puppy. 


We are also open to questions. Transparency is a big deal to us. We are a full-disclosure mini goldendoodle Breeder. We are glad to discuss anything related to the breeding, whelping and raising of our puppies. We are proud of our entire process and want you to know all about it.

mini goldendoodle california irvine san francisco los angeles

No Puppy Mill Promise

Some of the information you will read on trending articles about puppy mills is true. Some are misinformed because they are content writing to rank higher and don’t really know what they are talking about. Here are some recent replies to a simple google search on puppy mills. 


  1. Responsible purebred breeders are not driven by money. True/not true. We are a mixed breed goldendoodle breeder. We have to make a profit to keep our standards high. Prices keep rising for genetic testing, vet costs, reproduction costs, utilities, cleaning, transport, food, supplies and everything. Breeders that don’t make profit end up with poor conditions and disorganization leading to poor quality.

  2. Puppy Mills don’t breed rare colors and charge more money. True/not true. Specialty breeding costs more money to develop. We specialize in a few things and therefore we do charge more because they are worth the extra money to our families. Most of our puppies are a sandy color, perfect to hide dirt and tear stains. They have an easy to groom coat that saves money and time. Our mini goldendoodle puppies are healthy and beautiful.

  3. Puppy mills breed cross breeds. Not true. Nothing about breeding cross breeds has anything to do with puppy mills. Puppy mills are places that are dirty and good breeding practices do not exist. Cross-breeding is wise when purebred genetics are resulting in average deaths in dogs ages 7-10. Our average lifespan is 15-17. 

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Call me with questions:

April Power 208-914-0485

Our Mini Goldendoodles Win Hearts! Why you should choose a reputable breeder like us:

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