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Our Journey Breeding Mini Goldendoodles

When our 1st son was 18 months old, he was bitten by a family member's dog when he fell on her. She was a common rescue mix and even though she was kind and showed no aggression before, we had to pry her off of his head. This was a horrifying experience, and it was very hard on the family. After that happening, we knew we needed a family friendly breed for our young family. We chose a Golden Retriever puppy and she was loving, smart and affectionate. I started adding a few breeding dogs to my program and began a wonderful adventure. I have always longed for the farm experience that I grew up with. Both of us grew up in farm settings, and have always been around raising animals and puppies. I knew that breeding dogs would give me the love of the farm, at our home near Boise, Idaho. It is the perfect match for me. We started breeding Goldendoodle puppies and have never looked back. I will always be a dog breeder. It fits my personality perfectly. When we started our journey for a family dog, we were where you are. The journey you're on is not easy. If you've researched, you know that Goldendoodles are amazing with families and children. Feel free to reach out to us for support, we are here to help you in the process.

Hi, I'm April Power.

We have been delivering our adorable English Mini Goldendoodle puppies to local regions like Idaho, California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and even Texas. Additionally, we often deliver across the entire United States, making sure that no matter where you are, a our exquisite F1 English Mini Goldendoodle puppies can join your family with a smooth transition.

Dedicated to English Mini Goldendoodle Breeding Excellence

As a full-time English Mini Goldendoodle breeder, I pour my heart and soul into raising healthy, happy puppies. Each day is an opportunity to learn something new about genetics, health, and breeding. I actively network with hundreds of other breeders to discuss developments in parent breeds, new medications, materials, genetic testing, and emerging trends. I also collaborate with a select group of specialized veterinarians on a weekly basis to ensure our moms and puppies receive the best possible care.

Commitment to Health and Quality

Health testing is a cornerstone of our breeding program, despite being both expensive and time-consuming. We are committed to extensive and ongoing research in health, genetics, training, and breed practices for English Mini Goldendoodles.

All of our English Mini Goldendoodle parent dogs boast AKC or CKC pedigrees, OFA certifications (the official authority for hip and elbow testing), and DNA health testing. This ensures that you are getting a purebred, health-tested English Mini Goldendoodle with champion lines. As an in-home breeder, we continually strive to enhance our health testing protocols, aiming to provide the healthiest puppies possible.

Choose us for your next English Mini Goldendoodle companion and experience the dedication and expertise that sets us apart.



Trainers buy our dogs as demo dogs.

"Sunflower" was bred and raised by us and then finished dock diving champion and top trick dog champion.


I was published in the Complete Guide to Goldendoodles as an authority.


This Mini Goldendoodle from us was a star in "A Dog's Purpose" movie in 2017.

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