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F1 English Mini Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale in Kalispell, MT

English F1 Teddybear Goldendoodles are English Cream Golden Retrievers mixed with Poodles. We breed our own lines of English Golden Retrievers, and our current and future breeding dogs will be English Golden Retrievers. 


We look for blocky, mellow, and great health testing in our parent dogs. We found that most English Cream Golden Retrievers have all three of those qualities. Some American Golden Retrievers have all three, but they are hard to find. English Golden Retrievers have cancer rates are nearly 1/2 of the American Golden Retriever. Their hip testing has significantly higher scores. The other genetic tests we do on our dogs are often much better with the English. Their temperament is the biggest difference that most people notice between the two types. They are much more mellow. We feel that because our puppies will be family and service dogs instead of hunting or agility dogs, we think that the mellow, laid back temperament of the English Golden will be best for our lines. English creams have a wonderful body style for Teddybear Goldendoodles. They are blocky and thick. This offsets the lean, athletic build of the poodle and perfectly compliments them. They are the parent dog for us!

mini goldendoodle kalispell montana

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Our Puppies in Kalispell

Did you know that many of our puppies are already in Kalispell? Over the years we have sent many puppies to Kalispell. Just check Instagram and our google reviews for lots of examples! Health-tested, reputable mini goldendoodle breeders, are hard to find in Montana. Cute, cuddly, blocky, and wavy, fleecy F1 English Goldendoodle puppies can be hard to come by. We often sell our Mini Goldendoodles to Montana buyers. 


Here are some common reasons:

1) Boise has easy flights to Kalispell.

2) It's hard to find quality breeders near Kalispell.

3) Some Montanans have friends or family in Idaho.

How to Get Your Goldendoodle Puppy

Usually your main concerns are how to get your puppy. We have several options for you. 


1) You can have us fly your goldendoodle puppy in the cabin on our lap to you or with a puppy nanny! 

2) You can come to Boise and fly your goldendoodle puppy in the cabin. 50% of our buyers choose this option. It is easy and we walk you through the process.

3) There is sometimes car travel available to Kalispell.

We recommend that a 1 hour plane ride to Kalispell is the best way for our goldendoodle puppies to travel. At 8 weeks, Goldendoodles sleep the whole way. As soon as they hear the calming sound of the plane engine, they go to sleep and wake up happy in Kalispell! 

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