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San Diego Mini Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale

mini goldendoodle california

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Welcome to Power Goldendoodles. We are one of the only English F1 Mini Goldendoodle breeders in the United States. We are located in beautiful Boise, Idaho. We offer puppy nannies for easy delivery to California. We've been breeding Mini Goldendoodles since 2012. We health test, and know what we are doing. 


Many of our puppies have gone into service or therapy work and have even been in the movies. Most of our puppies are in SoCal. We are happy they get to get to live in such a lovely place with excellent families. Please consider us for your next puppy. 

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Why buy a Goldendoodle Puppy from Idaho

Welcome to Power Goldendoodles. We produce healthy, well-socialized and beautiful, quality puppies. We are a Northwestern breeder who services hand-delivery to states surrounding Idaho. 80% of our puppies are sold to the beautiful state of California and about 1/3 of them go to San Diego. We are are a real business, professional and full-support. We are glad to partner with you on this journey of finding the perfect mini Goldendoodle puppy. We are able to hand-deliver to the San Diego airport. We have a handful of delivery options for you. Check out our google listing reviews, many happy families are from San Diego.

Our Goldendoodle Puppies

We interview all of our families. We are transparent and accept live video conferences to show you how we raise our mini goldendoodle puppies. We protect our goldendoodle puppies from dangerous diseases. We health test our parent dogs. We know genetics. We health-test our dogs before breeding. We socialize our goldendoodle puppies with ENS and Puppy Culture protocols. We are highly professional, knowing how to breed different generations and sizes. We know how to care for the health of our puppies with professional veterinarians that partner with us. We give top care to our Mother dogs, who are never retired and never rehomed. All of our dogs are fed the top quality food available with supplements during pregnancy and whelping. Our mothers bounce back from pregnancy fit and healthy. 

Our family has been breeding Goldendoodles since 2012. We live in beautiful Boise, Idaho. Both of us were raised on farms and raising animals comes second nature to us. In fact, both of our retired parents are also breeders. We often partner with them to raise our foundation dogs for our breeding program. We enjoy the puppies and dogs so much, that we couldn't imagine life any other way. 

Meet The Power Family

mini goldendoodle california
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