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WikiHow Expert: April Power, Power Goldendoodles

mini goldendoodle california oregon washington idaho

We've put many years into our dog breeding program. Many days of sweat and tears of joy have been with us along the way. Recently, I was interviewed by WikiHow and contributed to their expert panel on breeding mini goldendoodles. We try to help everyone in their puppy journey, along with coaching other breeders to do their very best in their journeys to become premium breeders like us. Sharing our expert opinions, tips and tricks to being a great breeder is something some breeders keep to themselves. We believe in bettering our world every step of the way, and encouraging other breeders to discover best practices is something we're willing to do free of charge. As we give back and pay it forward, I hope you enjoy the articles listed. We'll be reviewing them for accurate information. If you find something in the articles that you have a question about, please reach out to us. Some of the articles content is not mine, so please enjoy reading it alongside us.

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