Should I buy a goldendoodle puppy near me?

No! You should buy the right goldendoodle puppy for you. I'll tell you why.

Just like anything, you have to weigh out your risk. You are going to spend a decent amount of money on a puppy no matter what these days. And a puppy is a family member that will be with you for about 15 years. So, you should shop carefully. You'll quickly find that there are many scammers taking advantage of buyers. There are many backyard breeders trying to make a quick buck, that do not know what they are doing.

Here's what you need to know:

Shop #1 for quality. Spending the most money is not the answer either. You can still get scammed. You can get a goldendoodle that's not even a goldendoodle. You can get a 150 lb. goldendoodle. You can get a non-furnished goldendoodle that sheds buckets. You can get a goldendoodle with genetic disposition problems or health problems.

Shop#2 carefully. A good breeder is worth waiting for. Dial in the breed and a breeder that's best for you, and follow them for a while. Then when the time is right, you already know them and they know you. You'll have time to get to know their character and if they are reliable. A lot of our buyers develop trust in us, either from knowing someone that has one of our puppies, or from following us a while.

Shop #3 details. Make sure that your breeder can get the puppy to you. (We don't ship outside the USA). Travel has been tricky in 2020 but we've been able to deliver every single puppy this year. We think 2021 will be better.

Pray. Great things happen when you do that.

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